Joy Box Bundle (Ages 2-4)

$ 100.00

Joy Box Bundle (Ages 2-4)

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Keep 2-4 year olds entertained with puzzles and activities. No substitutions.

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Included in this bundle:

  1. Progressive in the Garden - 3 sturdy puzzles inside, 3-5 pcs each, a child can progressively grow from working a 3 pc to 4pc to 5pc puzzle!
  1. Sticker Animals - These sweet animal stickers will find lots of places to hide in your house! 2 styles x 2 copies = 4 sheets
  1. Ziptou - Master the skills to zip, button and snap in these 3 adorable stand alone wooden puzzles.
  1. Dough Prints and Shapes - 4 reusable beautifully illustrated laminated cards to complete the picture with dough shapes. Includes: 4 pots of dough, 4 double-sided texture plates, 5 shape cutters, tool, and instructions.
  1. Tattoo Monsters - Summer is coming, what better way to show off those arms and legs! 2 perforated sheets .
  1. Sticker Kit I Love Fishes - Gather around a crowd because this kit offers up 24 felted fish silhouettes. The fish themselves are a sticker and you decorate them with puffy stickers included. Endless combinations!
  1. Wooden Magnetics Crazy - A classic DJECO magnet set! Build 8; 3 pc animals or mix and match for "crazy" fun! 24 pcs in all.
  1. Stickers Little Friends! - Little Friends stickers are the cutest illustrations of pets, zoo, farm, wildlife, etc! 2 styles x 2 copies = 4 sheet