Joy Box Bundle (Ages 4-6)

$ 100.00

Joy Box Bundle (Ages 4-6)

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Puzzles, games and activities to keep children entertained (recommended for ages 4-6). No substitutions.

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Included in this bundle:

  1. Tattoos Pirates - Argh! Nothing is more appropriate as a tattoo than pirates! 2 perforated sheets
  1. DIY Animal Wood Frames - Craft + practical use! Perfect combo. Decorate the frame with color-coded sticker mosaic tiles and picture and instant gift! Instructions included.
  1. Silhouette Vaillant and Dragon - There's a dragon destroying the castle! The Vaillant knight is here to save the day! 54 pc jigsaw puzzle
  1. Stickers Paradise - New from DJECO our glitter paradise stickers are ready to decorate water bottles for summer. 30 stickers
  1. Painting Finger Tracks - A classic DJECO activity bursting with paint supplies! This kit includes 8 XL picture boards and 8 bottles of washable finger paints. A plastic pallete for dispensing paint and instructions to inspire your creativity.
  1. Bird Face Stickers - Role play fun in a temporary face sticker designed to transform your face into a bird! 1 single-use sheet.
  1. Food Truck - Who's ready to open a food truck? Children can set up the wooden play box restaurant using the pieces inside. Take your order with the menu card and flip it over to build the recipes on the opposite side. Beautiful play pieces of wood and felt. Everything stores inside the box.