"Santa Claus Vs. The Easter Bunny" Book

$ 16.00

The holidays just got serious. (And silly.) A new way to celebrate the holidays, pick what storyline you want to follow: the Easter Bunny's or Santa Claus'?

Santa has it so easy: a workforce of elves to make the presents, a team of reindeer to deliver them, and even a high-tech factory!

The Easter Bunny has to make and wrap all the chocolate eggs and deliver them all by himself.

Now Bunny has had enough.

But will his plan for a Christmas disaster turn into a Christmas delight?

Why readers love Santa Claus vs. the Easter Bunny:

  • Parents, grandparents, and teachers will have fun reading this hilarious holiday book to kids
  • Screen-free fun for children during the winter and spring holiday season
  • Doubles as the best Christmas book for kids and Easter bunny book for children
  • Ideal holiday gift, novelty stocking stuffer, and silly Easter basket stuffer!